About Me

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Hello! I’m glad you’ve stopped by!

Let’s start with introductions, shall we? I’m a Pacific Northwest girl, born and raised in Oregon. I moved to Seattle and have been living here for close to ten years now. Which means I love the rain (except when I don’t), I know the forty-something different ‘types’ of precipitation the PNW gets (it’s not all just ‘rain’), and I will sometimes mock you for using an umbrella. I love the outdoors but I’d rather sleep in a real bed, I am an intense cinephile, I travel whenever I can and when I can’t, I’m finding new corners of the city to explore with my camera.

I was given a hand-me-down camera sometime in my childhood, and after getting a kick out of photographing every house in my neighborhood in a tilted abstract style, I took a film photography class in high school and got hooked. My time at university as a journalism and communications major just kept leading me back to my camera, both on sidelines and in studios, and I’ve been a committed photographer ever since.

My goal in photography is to capture the spontaneity and truth of a moment, be it a wedding, cityscape, or portrait. Photos help us share our lives with friends and family, and great photos can invoke memories and stories for years to come. I want you to be comfortable in front of my lens, and will work with you to ensure your photos reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.

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If you are interested in purchasing a print of one of my images, you can find many of them for sale at my Fine Art America profile.


contact: ashlyn.m.gehrett@gmail.com